Hack grepWin.exe with Resource Hacker and release as yours
Electrify --> Reverse Enginering
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1) Start by downloading UPX, Resource Hacker and GrepWin.

Download: UPX (Not the latest version)

Download: Resource Hacker (Not the latest version)

Download: grepWin by Hacxx (Final Work)

Download: grepWin 1.9.2 portable (To edit with Resource Hacker)

Download all: (UPX + Resource Hacker + grepWin by Hacxx + grepWin original)

2) Start Resource Hacker

- Edit the text as you want. You can resize any element inside the executable aswell as add images and icons. If required edit with OllyDBG to change permissions.

3) Save the grepWin.exe

4) Pack a executable with UPX
4.1 drag and drop in the console upx.exe
4.2 write a "space" -9 grepWin.exe
4.3 Enter


upx.exe -9 grepWin.exe

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