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Não há mensagens novas Hack Tools

- Test Your Antivirus
Test your antivirus from Win+R
- Powershell Dropper
Download and execute a .exe (Works on brand new computers with Windows)
- Bitsadmin Dropper
Download and execute a .exe (Works on older Windows)
- FTP Dropper (Visible)
Download and execute a .exe by FTP (Console visible to user)
- FTP Dropper (Invisible)
Download and execute a .exe by FTP (Console invisible to user)
- UAC Elevation
Elevate any exe - Run any .exe with admin privilegies
- UAC - Add an admin with one line
Add an admin account to any Windows
- Open CD/DVD Drive
- Keyboard lights trick
- Stop CD and Keyboard trick
- Swap Mouse Button
- Fix Mouse Swap Button
- KMS Activate Windows 10
Activate Windows 10
- Firewall Bypass
Give permission on Windows Firewall to any .exe to access the internet
- Windows XP Corrupt hal.dll
Damage any Windows XP by deleting hal.dll
- Disable Task Manager
- Enable Task Manager
- Disable Registry Tools
- Enable Registry Tools
- Block exes with IFEO
Block any .exe from running
- Unblock exes from IFEO
Remove the block on IFEO of any .exe
- Create a file share
Add or delete a folder from been shared in LAN/WAN
- Fix Windows Update in all Windows
- Show local wifi password
A way to view a local wifi password from logged networks..

153 169 19 Abr 2023 03:59
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Não há mensagens novas Reverse Enginering

resumo: 1) Start by downloading UPX, Resource Hacker and GrepWin. UPX (Not the latest version)
Resource Hacker (Not the latest version)
grepWin by Hacxx (Final Work)
grepWin 1.9.2 portable (To edit with Resource Hacker)
(UPX + Resource Hacker + grepWin by Hacxx + grepWin original)
2) Start Resource Hacker3) Save the grepWin.exe4) Pack a executable with UPX. . In this tutorial about Resource Hacker and EXE Editable series 3 i will be focus on changing the setup.exe to a much simplier language setup.bat. This will turn possible the execution of bat files from the exe. To personalize the exe the user just need to follow the "Edit with Resource Hacker" prints.
Note: OllyDbg must be started with admin rights
1 - Search for binary string (setup.exe)
The file was not scanned to avoid detections from antivirus.. . Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Helping people lead healthy and happy lives through design.
Source :
This is a reverse engineering sub-forum.. .

3 4 07 Ago 2022 20:49
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Não há mensagens novas Tutorials

resumo: Hacxx Website Hacking Course - VEGA
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Architecture Of Website
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - OWSAP ZAP SCANNER
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Web Application Firewall
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Install Hackbar - Browser
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Basic Of SQL injection
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Rules Of SQL Injection attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Orderby + Unionbase
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Normal SQL injection
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Advanced SQL injection
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Blind SQL injection
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Adminpanel Bypass
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Password Dump
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Dios Of SQL Injection
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Routed Query
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - CSRF attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Subdomain
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Knockpy
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - LFI Attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - RFI Attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Shell Uploading (sqli + rce)
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - XSS-Attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Reflected (XSS) Attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - SQLI+XSS Attack
Hacxx Website Hacking Course - Defacement - Redirect Defacement with XSS Attack
(All videos in one)

9 10 16 Dez 2022 23:45
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Não há mensagens novas Exploits

resumo: . . . . Yesterday i was reading a article in zdnet about a fresh exploit and PoC that allow remote code execution with the possibility to completely automate the exploitation. The PoC is easy to use and it only require some command lines to check if a host is vulnerable or not. .
- 20 sources
- Up to 200 combos/combolists
- Updated every day
Ru Edition coming soon. Included for free with the purchase of SUPRA Edition. . . . Cellebrite and MSAB are two of the most well-known digital forensics companies in the world. The device can extract data such as call logs, contacts, messages, and files, as well as perform advanced analysis on the data, such as keyword searching and link analysis. In this case, the FBI was trying to gain access to the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, and Cellebrite was reportedly hired to help. While Cellebrite has not confirmed its involvement in the case, reports suggest that the company was able to successfully extract data from the iPhone..

8 8 16 Mar 2023 20:25
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Não há mensagens novas Coding

resumo: Code examples in HTML and Javascript.
(Links Update: 18-05-2022)
(Links Update: 18-05-2022)
. Download links updated: 18-05-2022. . . This is a exclusive release.
HTML Teacher is the right tool to learn the basics of HTML. In a simple style and easy to use a user can pick and create live examples of HTML. Learn how to make a link, insert a image, video or mp3 aside from learning how to embed mp4 videos, SWF (Flash) and Youtube videos.
. . JavaScript Teacher V2 - Javascript examples
. .
The file is in plain text.. .
. .
This is a discovery tool to find the internal ip where a forum proxy is hosted. To use a user needs to upload the panel (3 files) to a web hosting site and follow the tutorial below. Register hosting for Free here
(paste the url between the tags).
3 - Click on preview. Go to index.html and hit on "Get Backend IP" and the script will get the backend ip.
It's in plain text. .

6 8 19 Mai 2022 09:45
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