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resumo: Hacxx Profiler is a windows virus that i have developed that creates a text file with the profile for the machine and upload by ftp to a protected server.
The user can view and download all the logs created with this program by visiting the server. Hacxx Email Extractor is a small command line utility that will extract emails from the urls that the user type in. This is a good tool to build email lists as it append the results to emails.txt on your desktop.
Hacxx Email Extractor takes advantage of an old version of emh3.exe that allow to be registered on the fly and extract emails. For single multi-thread denial of service use the old version (1.0) as it connects and disconnects 1 connection at the time in a continous mode.
- Increase up to 50 users by typing the address
- Works better with internet radios 50x
- Works with any port (For example :8080)
- Able to keep connection alive
- Easy to use
- Always run in a dedicated windows instalation
(As it can take a lot of system resources)
(8/60 - Lots of detections)

4 4 07 Out 2020 14:09
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resumo: (Android)
. . (16.6 MB)
Use Promo code .. .
. .
Web via IMG is a browser for android that asks the user for a site and converts the site into an image. This image is a full screen desktop picture of the site with all the elements (html, css, js).
(Detection: 17/60 - Reason: The APK Compiler is public)
. (Re-uploaded: 09/03/2022)
. . App/Apk Name: Ghosty (ghosty.apk)
Version: 1.4.5
Size: 3.3MB
This creepy app was recently in the news big time and dropped off the Google play store after Facebook/Instagram legal team threatened the developer. I've been able to get hold of the APK of the latest version before it disappeared
. 01-05-2022 - Links are up.. (Re-uploaded 09-06-2022)
. .

5 8 09 Jun 2022 14:39
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resumo: FeedReader 3.14 (RSS) - Hacxx Underground Edition V7 > feedreader.exe
Using the original source, check md5.. .
. . FeedReader 3.14 (RSS) - Hacxx Underground Edition V8 > feedreader.exe
Using the original source, check md5.. .

3 3 13 Out 2020 02:04
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